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We sell Lupine Collars and Leads.
Guaranteed even if chewed! 
What to Bring
1) Proof of Vaccines
2) Buckle collar/harness and a 4 to 6’ leash 
(retractable leashes are not allowed)
3) Your dog and any family member(s) are welcome
4) Please don’t forget your treats (small and soft)
Required Vaccinations

Rabies and Distemper required.

Bordetella is optional, but vaccinations must be
done at least 2 weeks prior to Boarding or Training.
Tara Altgilbers: Certified dog trainer and Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
Email -    Tel - (978) 352-6442

Biography: My passion for animals has been evident throughout my life. Anyone who has grown up with pets knows that there is a strong bond of unconditional love that forms. Growing up, I had many different species of pets that I loved and cared for. Between graduating with a B.S. in Animal Science, working as a veterinary assistant and training dogs, and teaching Animal Science, I have more than 21 years experience with working with animals in addition to caring for my own pets. Teaching and training has always been my passion, which makes dog training the perfect fit. I strongly believe there are so many benefits to dog training. Training strengthens the bond between family members, reduces problem behaviors, teaches life saving commands and has been proven to make dogs more confident, happier, and healthier. Currently, my family consists of myself, my husband Ian, my 4-year-old daughter, Aubrey, and my four Nigerian Dwarf goats, Pippy, Petunia, Pepper and Petal. Our newest addition includes my doberman puppy Matilda. My favorite pastime includes going on small hikes with our fur babies!

Mission statement: I strive to get the best out of every dog, while being as accommodating as possible. This requires families to give me at least a week notice before missing a class which allows me to reschedule it at your earliest convenience. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Hope to see you soon! 

Most classes are 6 consecutive weeks on the same day of the 
week and time unless told otherwise. 
All classes are first come first serve. Please call the kennel 
ahead of time to pay the deposit which ensures the class of 
your choice. 
Puppy class: For puppies between the ages of 9 weeks and up to 6 months. This class is designed to help families get off to the right start by learning how to effectively communicate with their new puppy and address any problem behaviors they have encountered such as, potty training, nipping, chewing, barking, and jumping. Puppies will learn basic manners, such as sit, look, down, stay, coming when called, leave it, and politely walking on a leash. All these skills are taught using positive reinforcement methods, which help build a positive relationship between puppies and owners. While attending this class your puppy has the chance to play with other puppies while exposing them to new people and experiences. With proper socialization puppies are more likely to become confident, happy and healthy adults. 

Adult class: Designed for dogs over 6 months to any age. This class is great for newly adopted dogs or dogs with little training experience. This class covers any problem behaviors you may have encountered along with all the basic commands listed above in the puppy class. Remember it is never too late to train your dog!

Intermediate class: This class works on your dog's impulse control by adding increased distraction and difficulty to basic commands such as sit, down, stay, and come, while teaching more complex commands heel, wait and settle. This class helps your dog become the well mannered individual that everyone strives for. 

American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen: The Canine Good Citizen test is a ten-skill training program by the AKC that’s open to all dogs–purebred and mixed breed– that focuses on teaching the basics of good manners and obedience, instilling the values of responsible ownership, and strengthening the bond between you and your dog at home and out in the community.
Upon successful completion of the CGC you and your pup will join the proud ranks of over 1 million dogs who have earned their Canine Good Citizen award which is an accomplishment that is definitely worthy of extra belly rubs! Although the CGC is not the same as a therapy dog program, many therapy programs require the CGC award before accepting pups into their class. Not to be confused with service dogs, therapy dogs are used to help comfort those in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and more. The most important thing about a therapy dog is his behavior: is he friendly with people and other dogs? Does he welcome attention from adults and children? Will he react if someone makes a loud noise? These are all skills your dog will need to be a CGC and/or a therapy dog! Our 6 week prep class will help you polish your dog's skills so you're ready to pass the test which is offered on the last class.

Introduction to Agility: This four week course will introduce you and your dog to the fun and fast growing sport of dog agility in an interactive and safe setting. Your dog will learn to jump, climb, run and weave through agility equipment using positive reinforcement techniques that will build your dog’s overall confidence and teamwork with you. This class is great for dogs that love mental and physical stimulation. This class is appropriate for dogs who are 10 months or older who have previous training. Obstacles include: Weave polls, pause table, A frame, dog walk, jumps, tire, tunnel and the teeter.. All dogs must be non-reactive to other dogs and people. 

Introduction to Rally: A four week class. Foster a Closer Bond by Working & Competing Together with your Dog. Rally obedience is a fun and exciting activity that builds a working relationship between dog and handler that will serve as a foundation for everyday life skills. The owner and dog work together navigating around a course of designated stations in the heel position. The course consists of ten to twenty signs that instruct the owner on what commands need to be executed. Teaching your dog to spin, walk backwards next to you, or drop into a down while you keep moving forward, are just naming a few of the fun and impressive behaviors that you can teach your dog in this class. With rally obedience, you will enhance your dog's training and have fun in the process. The goal of Rally is to promote a positive relationship between the dog and the handler, and to encourage continued obedience. It is also a good way to have fun with your dog. In Rally, you will learn how to follow a course of numbered signs, where each sign indicates a different and fun obedience skill for your dog to perform. Come see what all the excitement is about!​

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